SV BIG Overview


The SV BIG (Silicon Valley Boilermaker Innovation Group) leverages Silicon Valley Purdue Alumni to support the creation of successful new ventures in the Purdue community through mentorship and secondarily through influencing university entrepreneurship programs and policies. SV BIG comprises silicon valley professionals with proven experience in entrepreneurship, and with diverse expertise in areas such as venture capital, angel investing, startup leadership, venture finance, legal counsel, etc.


Tom Schroeder - Co-Chairmen, University communications & coordination
Bruce Schechter - Co-Chairman, Mentor recruiting and mentor communication
Glenn Johnson - Venture screening & selection process
Rich Redelfs - VC relations

Key contacts at Purdue University:

Dan Hasler - Pres. and Chief Entrepreneurial Officer, Purdue Research Foundation
Joseph Pekny - Director, Burton Morgan Center for Entrepreneurship
Mike Asem - Director of Collaborative Relationships, Purdue Research Foundation