Our Story

Our Story

StartupEd has always strived to perform better. Its aim has always been to exceed customer’s expectations. We endeavor to equip, educate and empower entrepreneurs around the world and knit a strong web of ideas and industry developments that facilitates the flow of innovation and aid.


StartupEd (HQ: San Francisco, CA), was bootstrapped for four years, and right at the onset of the pandemic, it raised its first seed round of funding in 2020. Startuped today is a platform for every player in the startup ecosystem to grow and work at a network scale with the power of its bleeding-edge proprietary cloud technology.

What started way back in 2015 with a mission to change the entrepreneurial ecosystem has pivoted successfully from being a services business to a product company. We at StartupEd follow the NETWORK, LEARN AND BUILD model. Everyone here can keep track of their progress and display their growth on a global scale, enabling all stakeholders to help them in their journey to success.


If you have an idea and an entrepreneur's instinct then you have reached the right place. StartupEd is the last milestone towards your journey to success, the zeroth step that leads you to your entrepreneurship adventure. To ensure that you have an impactful start, we provide you a plethora of services that allow you to network with experienced individuals.

We believe that the traditional Investor-Founder dynamic in building a business is obsolete and calls for urgent disruption. At Startuped, your business can grow under great mentorship and in a well-structured and centralized way. StartupEd believes that businesses can grow, entrepreneurs can learn and startups can accelerate by automating the Startup Ecosystem and Centralising all the Entrepreneurship requirements. That is why we have created an ecosystem where building, measuring, and learning go hand in hand.

Get ready for a great business experience with StartupEd.